Program for Intentional Learning (PIL)

Here you can find resources and information about language learning help available to you at CESL. The Resource menu has many links to improve your listening, reading, speaking and writing. You can also find out about the Independent Reading Program, or discover the Student Learning Center. If you need any help, contact Sumayya Granger ( and find out what else you can do to become a successful English student.

Online English Practice Resources

Grammar Resources

All of these grammar websites are good for levels 1 – 7.

Listening Resources

Reading Resources

Speaking Resources

Writing Resources

Study Skills:

CV, Resume, Statement of Purpose, and Scholarships

If you need some help creating your CV, resume or statement of purpose, whether you're applying for graduate school or a new job, these resources can help! There is also a resource for finding scholarships for English language learners.
This resources discusses the differences between a CV and a resume, while also describing what to include in a CV.
This resources has some great example CVs, as well as many tips for building the perfect CV for your graduate school application.
This resources has a description of the sections you need to include in your CV.
Princeton Review has some great tips about how to get started on your statement of purpose letter.
OWL Purdue has several resources for writing your statement of purpose.
This website has some good examples of statement of purpose essays for a variety of fields.
Blog post covering the difference between a CV and Resume

Website with information on scholarships


TOEFL, IELTS, and GRE Resources

The TOEFL and IELTS exams are very difficult tests. Use these recources to practice at home. Also, there is TOEFL program on the computers in the library that provide even more practice tests! 
The website provides a 10-day guide on preparing for the TOEFL. 
The ETS website is the best place to start for TOEFL prep. They have a study planner and lots of example test questions.
Magoosh has some resources that you have to pay for, but their online blog is free. They also have an app you can download for free to practice TOEFL vocabulary.
ETS has a youtube channel with tons of tips and practice!
EnglishClub also has some useful TOEFL exercises, especially if you are just getting started with studying for the TOEFL.
The official IELTS website is a great palce to start sutdying for the IELTS. You can familiarize yourself with the types of questions you will have to answer.
The British Counsil has an online course that can help you prepare for the exam, including up to 30 hours of preparation materials if you have already registered for the exam.
This site provides some graet free materials to help you practice! 
GRE Practice Tests
GRE information and practice