New Students 

This is the orientation schedule for the next session.

Application Documents

Students who are funded by a friend or family member must submit this document signed by the account holder with their application.

Admission Packets


Documents for Minors

Students attending CESL who are under 18 years old must submit these documents with the program application.


Health Forms

U.S. citizens and permanent residents who attend CESL full time may use this form to decline the CESL student health insurance.
All students attending CESL must submit this form (or other proof of immunizations) to CESL.


Current Students

Curricula Catalog (All Programs at CESL)

Students who have received permission from the Associate Director of Academic Programs must have this form signed by the professor of the UA class they have chosen to visit.
University Track Pathway students who are requesting a third session of the program, or have already been endorsed must submit this form to CESL 101.
Students wishing to transfer from CESL to another institution must complete this form.
Students who wish to take a leave of absence must submit this form to the Admissions Office.
 Students wishing to withdraw from CESL must submit this form to CESL 101.
Students who are utilizing endorsement to meet their English proficiency requirement at the graduate level must have this form signed by the program advisor and submit it to CESL.