Independent Reading Program

How IRP Works

  • Books are on Library shelves by CESL Class Level: 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.
  • You choose the books you want to read.
  • If you begin a book & you don’t like it, return it & get another one.
  • When you finish reading your book, bring it back to the Library, along with your Reading Passport.
  • One of the Library Workers will ask you questions to make sure you have read the book.
  • The Library Worker will put a special stamp in your Reading Passport & will record it in the Library IRP spreadsheet.​

How IRP Helps You

  • Reading books you choose, at your level, improves your reading ability.
  • Your understanding will improve faster.
  • Your vocabulary will grow faster.
  • Your reading speed will increase.

IRP Awards

  • Pizza Party—Free pizza midway through: 3 stamps (books)
  • Gold Pin—Fall & Spring semester (16 weeks): 14 stamps (books). Summer semester (8 weeks): 10 stamps (books)
  • Silver Pin-- Fall & Spring semester (16 weeks): 10 stamps (books). Summer semester (8 weeks): 7 stamps (books)
  • Bronze Pin-- Fall & Spring semester (16 weeks): 7 stamps (books). Summer semester (8 weeks): 4 stamps (books)